Pokesniper App Download-Latest Update for Android/iOS/PC

Pokesniper is an application designed primarily for Android and iOS users. It is a supportive app for Pokémon Go, a universal popular gaming app that allows its user to access real-location to use virtually through the GPS system. It allows the gamer to catch Pokémon and have a gym battle virtually.

Pokesniper facilitates the gamer to find coordinates of different Pokémon so that they could catch them quickly. It helps to get Pokémon without wondering all over the city in search of desired Pokémon.

Pokesniper consists of many other exciting features and settings that make Pokémon Go very easy and fun loving.

Pokémon Go is the best example of developing gaming industry as it is the best combination of different technological advancement. The application uses advanced animation and GPS system for a better experience of Pokémon catching and gym battle.

However, on the other hand, this makes the whole city a Pokémon place. People travel very long distances to catch Pokémon and do gym battles and go to different Pokémon places like Pokémon centers and hospitals.

Moreover, this all come up with a great program, or we can say software Pokesniper that directly provide coordinates of Pokémon to the gamer so that they can directly go to the place and catch the desired Pokémon. Also one has to travel miles of distance just in search of desired Pokémon.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is not a simple game that allows the user to catch the Pokémon easily it makes gamer to run for Pokémon, in search of Pokémon and for gym battles. Pokémon Go virtually converts the whole city as part of their game; this makes people to get exhausted in search of Pokémon.

They have to travel a whole city and sometimes very remote places and dangerous situations just for catching a single Pokémon.

Catching Pokémon is not an easy task in this virtual world, of Pokémon Go. People go through different buildings and places for catching Pokémon. Like Anime series of Pokémon, gamer goes out of houses regarding being a good Pokémon trainer. Same in Pokémon Go game users travel for hours so that they can find and catch their favorite Pokémon.

Moreover, we know it’s not an easy task to travel a whole city in search of a single thing, or we can say a single Pokémon because in this game Pokémon is virtually alive and live freely in the city, you have to see it through your mobile camera while playing Pokémon Go game. So in game Pokémon also change their location, as they travel from one place to another.

So, no one can typically see the Pokémon through the camera and catch it. Because they also try to escape, sometimes you have to defeat it by a Pokémon battle to catch it.

Why YOU NEED Pokesniper?

Moreover, there is no doubt that the presence of this app in mobile will help a lot to the gamer to locate his desired Pokémon. As the app shows a list of different Pokémon with their coordinates, you can smoothly go to those coordinates with the help of location services in your mobile.

You can see in the list of Pokémon in Pokesniper app and follow the desired Pokémon leaving rest of others. Otherwise in the absence of the app: sometimes in just searching for our desired Pokémon. We usually compromise with some weaker Pokémon, because we are unaware of the location of our desired Pokémon.

However, the app usually deals with this significant problem, as it allows its user to know the location of the desired Pokémon. Therefore, you can easily find and catch the Pokémon, to form a strong team and win a gym battle.

Notable Features of Pokesniper 

We all know there are many examples of accidents of peoples just because of playing Pokémon Go game, and at some extent, it is dangerous because Pokémon Go game has reduced the real and virtual barriers in the games through the help of technologies in it.

Many people mate with an accident while playing the Pokémon Go app, as because they were so much involved in the virtual game that they forget the real world. However, after all these incidents thousands of people are there who love to play Pokémon Go.

One of the significant features of the app that makes it much useful that it’s provides the facility of virtual teleportation to the user. Here are some more.

Find EXACT Co-ordinates

Pokesniper app allows you to find your desired Pokémon with exact coordinates so that you can quickly catch it.


Pokesniper app provides the teleportation feature for their users. Hence, you can directly teleport from one location to another just by a single tap on the screen. The user of Pokesniper app cans directly teleports from one location to another just by single click. Moreover, you can quickly catch the Pokémon without walking or traveling much.


Pokesniper app is more reliable than many others, it doesn’t take the risk of soft banned or losing their Pokémon.

Best for Everyone

Pokesniper APK helps a lot to gamers who like to play Pokémon  Go but are unable to travel that much, or they don’t have any medium to travel that much. It also helped a lot to those people who don’t have any good Pokémon or if the gamer is unable to find the best one.

With the help of the app, those people can also play the Pokémon Go game who are physically disabled and can’t travel that much. This app has brought a revolutionary change in the Pokémon Go gaming platform.

Catch LEGENDARY Pokemon

This app helps you to catch ultra and legendary Pokémons easily. Through which your team would be undefeated.  Pokesniper has incredible features and settings that could make Pokémon Go game very easy and ultra exciting. As you can have the best of Pokémons to deal with and this would help the gamer to win any gym battle and have gym batch.

How to Install PokeSniper APK?

Pokesniper app has been designed in a manner that it could facilitate the gamer to play Pokémon Go without traveling much or we can say without going anywhere. Pokémon Go gaming app is self-sufficient in itself, and it also had formed best of all in entire gaming industries that what make this valuable gaming app this much popular.

These steps will take you through each and every action you have to take to install Pokesniper on any Android device.

Step 1. Locate the downloaded Pokesniper APK on your device and click on the install button.

Step 2. Once you tap on the install button, the app takes a few seconds to install. Now open the Pokesniper App on your device.

Step 3. You can make your avatar teleport on the Pokemon Go Game; else you can use it to locate some of the rare Pokemon and go after it.

Step 4. Now if you face any problem while installing the Pokesniper app on your device, first make sure you’ve turned on the options such as “Install apps from Unknown Sources” in settings options.

How to Setup and Configure Pokesniper on Android?

In this part, you will learn everything about the app from how to properly set up and configure the Pokesniper app to securely snipe rare Pokémon via your Android device without having your account banned.

NOTE: You will learn everything in just 8 steps.

Step 1 Open PokeSniper app. You will see a screen very similar to the one displayed in the screenshot below.

The Account drop-down box will show “No Account”. So first you have to add the Pokémon GO account in PokeSniper.

Step 2 — To add an account, then you have to tap the Menu button located on the top-left corner to open the side menu.

Step 3 Tap the”Accounts” option.

Step 4 Below the Accounts section, tap the”ADD NEW ACCOUNT” button. It will be on the bottom of the screen.

Step 5 Here you need to fill your Pokémon GO/Pokemon Trainer Club accounts details.

Username: Enter your Pokémon Go username (If you have signed up using the Google account, then enter your full Gmail address). [Example: YourMail@gmail.com]

Password: Enter your Pokémon Go account password (If you used the Google account, then enter your Google account’s password).

Home Coordinates: This is important, and you need to enter the right coordinate (latitude, longitude) to prevent your account from undesirable ban.

TIP: How To FIND Correct Home Coordinates?

The home coordinate is your last location/position in which you used Pokémon Go. To find the exact coordinates, i.e. latitude and longitude, please follow these steps:

  • In the “Place Name” box, type the address where you last used Pokémon Go. [Example: Mall of Asia]

  • Tap on the “Find” button.
    In a couple of seconds, the”Latitude” and”Longitude” boxes will be full of all the coordinates of the address you entered at the Place Name box. [Example: Latitude:28.358553, Longitude: -81.588473]

  • Now enter these coordinates in the following format: (latitude, longitude) from the PokeSniper “Home Coordinates” box, as shown in the screenshot below. [Example: 28.358553, -81.588473]

  • After all of the boxes are correctly filled. Tap the”SAVE” button to save your accounts settings.

Step 6 — Your Pokémon Go account should now be visible under the Accounts section.

Step 7 — Tap on the Back icon to navigate to the main screen.

Step 8 — Now you’ll see that the Account drop-down box shows your PTC account’s username/email address. This means that you’re now ready to snipe Pokémon.

How to Snipe Pokemon Using Pokesniper?

This section is about sniping Pokemon on Android by using the correctly configured PokeSniper app. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 — To snipe Pokémon, then you need to tap the Menu button located on the top-left corner to open the side menu.

Step 2 — Tap the”Hunt Coordinates” option.

Step 3 — Under the Hunt Coordinates section, you will see the following three choices:

  • PokeZZ
  • Pokedex
  • My Pogo Snipers

Only two of the above-mentioned options support “Auto Snipe” feature. But you may use all three of these as a source to obtain Pokemon coordinates you want to catch and then snipe them through PokeSniper.

Tapping on any alternative will simply open its site. [Example: I’m using “PokeZZ” in this tutorial]

Step 4 — After the site is loaded, scroll down a bit until you find an automatically refreshing list of Pokémon and their details such as Pokémon’s image, Pokémon’s Name, its own coordinates, IV percentage, and skills.

You may also select your favorite Pokémon from the list and filter the results by using the filter functionality given within the website.

Step 5 — From that list, should you locate any Pokémon you would like to snipe then tap the”Poke Sniper” alternative offered in this Pokémon box.

Step 6 — within a second, you’ll be redirected to the PokeSniper app and all of the essential details (Pokémon name and coordinates) of that Pokémon will be filled automatically, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now tap on the “SNIPE THOSE BITCHES!” button to start sniping Pokémon.

Step 7 — You will now notice a similar process in the log box as shown below:

Trying to login to your account,
Login success,
Pokémon in sight: 2,
Attempt to catch Pokémon,
Pokémon captured (CP: 25) (IV: 95).

If you find the message “Pokémon captured” in the log box, then this usually means the PokeSniper has successfully sniped the targeted Pokémon also it has been added to your collection.

Step 8 — Now, you can even check the Pokemon type, CP score, and IV of all the captured Pokémon right from the PokeSniper app.

To do so, tap on the Menu button located on the top-left corner.

Step 9 — Then, tap the “PokeBag” option.

Step 10 — It will ask you to select the Pokémon Go account. Pick the account that you would like to access and tap the”OK” button.

Step 11 — In a couple of seconds, PokeSniper will show a list of all of the Pokémon in your collection including their image, name, type, CP value, and IV value.

That’s it.

Give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve learned to snipe those high IV, rare and legendary Pokémon without moving from the comfy sofa. Now it is time to grab all the Pokemon and win all those gym battles in your neighborhood!

Pokesniper for iOS

Pokesniper app is used to locate and catch Pokémon and the player does not have to wander the city for the task. There are many features available in the app and iPhone users can use them easily to play the game. Catching Pokémon in this way will create a reputation of the user among other players.

The iPhone users can install the app from the Apple app store. The iPhone users should keep one thing in mind that the iOS version in the phone must be 8.0 or above else the app will not be installed. The app is good for the players to play the game easily.

Pokesniper for PC

Pokemon Go is an app, which can be easily installed on personal computer. Pokesniper is then supporting app that allows the user to access various locations through GPS. Users can catch Pokémon easily and have a gym battle with him virtually. Players can find coordinates of different Pokémon through PokeSniper.

In this way, Pokémon can be caught quickly. The players can search them without roaming here and there all over the city. There are many features in the app that helps then layers to play the game easily with a lot of fun. The Pokémon can be searched easily through the GPS system. To know more read this detailed guide.

Best Alternatives of Pokesniper

It is not so that you should only use Pokesniper app to catch the Pokemon, there are many alternatives available.

Some of the Pokesniper alternatives are listed below:

  1. POKEDEX 100IV

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Q1. I spin the Pokestop at least 40 times, but my account is still soft banned. What could be the possible solution for it?

A1. The only way to unban the account is to wait for 2 hours. Niantic has blocked the loophole you used to unban the account.

Q2. How can I avoid any possible soft ban from sniping?

A2. Sniping has become harder, and the only possible way to avoid any type of ban while sniping is you’ve to wait for two hours between every snipe.

Q3. What should I do when my Pokemon flees away?

A3. You can use Pokesniper APK because it helps you catch your Pokemon easier.

Q4. Pokesniper app has been forced to close down. What could be the possible solution for it?

A4. You might be running the older version of the Pokesniper app. However, you can uninstall the app and install it again to fix any possible issue.

Q5. My sniped Pokemon is slashed/crossed out.

A5. It means Niantic servers has detected that you’ve caught the Pokemon characters by cheating or by sniping. You cannot the use these slashed pokemon in the gym and cannot evolve them too.

The possible solution is you can completely get rid of them by transferring them on the other account.

Note: Now if you still facing errors while using Pokesniper APK than you can follow these steps.
  1. Clear Cache
  2. Clear Data
  3. You can Toggle to the Airplane Mode
  4. Reboot your smartphone
  5. Uninstall the Pokesniper app and then install the latest version.

Wrapping Up

If there are still any doubts left from Installation to Sniping Pokemon then watch this video.

We hope that we’ve tried our best to keep this Pokesniper installation guide simple and easy to understand. We’ve here mentioned some of the best and possible methods to install Pokesniper APK on your device.

Now, if you think that we’ve forgotten to mention any other possible method to install and Use Pokesniper then enlighten us in the comment section. If you still have any queries or suggestions regarding Pokesniper then feel free to ask in the comment section.

Share this fantastic tool with your loved ones who love to catch Pokemon in their free or leisure time. Help us to improve! Until then keep catching Pokemon.